Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christmas in August

You have all heard of Christmas in July right?? Well this is Christmas in August!!! I found a kit by the designer Molemina called "White Christmas" (In case ya all didn't know....I love Christmas!!!! So anyway, I made up this qp and asked her if I could share with all you....She said YES!!! I am so thankful to the designers who graciously and generously let me play with their designs. If you click on her name you should be taken to her site. She has some beautiful designs for you to see. Hope you can use this one, maybe you have some photos from Christmas that you didn't know what to do with....well here ya go!! Thanks all for stopping in....have a great and smile filled day!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some Thoughts

No qp today, but some word art for you to use on your pages. Word art was and is my first love. To be able to put a thought on paper that says what your heart or soul is feeling. I hope you can use these to add that to one of your favorite moments. Thanks everyone for stopping by and the wonderful emails and comments. Have a great one!!

Mediafire (some moments)
Mediafire (always remember)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Day

Kyra (RDH) is back, well sort of. She is busy getting all things straightened out on her computer. She lost about everything when it crashed, so it will take a bit.... but in the mean time, she had this lovely design called " Happy Feelings " on her computer yet and has shared it for you all. As always, there is alot more to the kit, so please go check it out. The preview here is my Grandson Sam and Grandaughter Keira at a Zoo a couple years back. They loved the petting zoo part of it. To add your photo, just put it behind the qp like always. I used a mask that I made for the opening. Hope you like. Thanks for stopping by, have a great safe and have fun.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I know I have used this word art before, but it's still summer and lakes and beaches are still being visited right??!! Not here though I am sad to say... we have been busy cutting wood and getting ready for winter. I know hard to understand when the temp is 85* but winter here in northern Wisconsin can be oh so cold (last year was oh so bad) we went thru all our wood and so we had to start filling up the wood racks while we could. We used our fireplace alot (it is great to look at but unless you are 12 inches from it, it doesn't do much for heat) this year we are going to try and get a free standing wood stove for the house... we will see.
I used Kyra's kit "at the beach" for this qp. Hope you like and find that perfect photo for it. Kyra (RDH) had some computer problems, but keep checking, I am hope she is back soon.
Okay, off to enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon...Thanks for stopping and have a great day!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

summer evening

Think I have my life back on a more even track (at least for awhile) so will try to post a bit more often LOL I used Kyra's design called "foggy summer evening" for this one. Hope you all like it and can find a place for it. I can't believe that Summer is getting ready to leave us again. August all most....where did it go??? I am not a hot muggy summer person but, sure not looking forward to the kind of Winter we just had!!! way to cold!!! If any of you know where there is a place that has balmy 76* days, cool nights and no humidity all the time every day of the year (except Christmas, then it can snow a bit).... please could you let me know!!!!!
okay, I am off to take a bed apart, we are getting a new  (at least new for us) sleigh bed. It was my Mom-in_laws then my Mom had it and now because our bedroom is big enough and she wants a smaller bed, it is ours LOL Oh my the tale of the traveling bed LOL
Have a great day everyone and Thanks so much for stopping by.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Two for One Saturday LOL!! Below you will find 2 links. One for the QP and one for the Frame cluster. I made the cluster first and then decided oh why not do more! I think I spend time on the computer because it allows me to 1- make some designs to share with all of you (and I love doing that) and 2- to take my mind away from real life and all it's ups and downs for a bit. Believe me, sometimes life really can give us ups and downs..... but all will work, family and friends if you have those 3 things going for you then all has to be good!!!!!
Hope you can use these. I used Kyra's kit "Whispered memories" Take a peek on her blog, so much more to see. Oh and glimpses of her garden which is so pretty.
Take care all....have a great one

mediafire  (qp)
mediafire (cluster)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You are here

Kyra's kit is called "wished you were here" so of course my qp from that kit is called "You are here" LOL Sorry I have not been here sooner, I had high hopes of doing a new post every other day. Life!!! it seems to get in the way of all my fun!!!
I will try to do better, but no promises, I have a few things I need to deal with right now.
Hope you can use this one. I love the colors Kyra (RDH) used. Is it my imagination or is Miss Kyra just getting better and better at her wonderful designs??!!
Well I am off to seer what kind of trouble I can find to get into, so you all have a great day and Thank You so much for stopping by.