Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Haunting....

Trick or Treat is this Friday and I would have used a photo of my Granddaughter in her Vampire(yup she is not always a girly girl) makeup in this qp but my Daughter did such a great job with the makeup that it even scared my Granddaughter LOL We live on a dead end road, quite a ways back and so we don't get any kids stopping by. Gives me no excuse to buy candy (darn) !!! I remember when I was young, it was so much fun to go. Always at night and we never worried about anything bad happening to us... just a group of kids having fun!!! Makes me kind of sad to see how things have changed. Okay enuf of that.... I am sure all your kids and Grandkids will have oh so much fun.
I used an older kit by Scraps by Amy called "jaggedy lanterns" for this qp... hope you can use it.
Take care, thanks for stopping and have a BOOOtiful Halloween hehehehehehe

Friday, October 24, 2014


Another Fall one for you all!! I used Kyra's newest design (YES she is back, well slowly coming back and I am so happy) her kit is called "Autumn Comes" Stop by her blog and let her know you are glad she is back. She and her Husband had been going thru some medical issues and it looks like things have started turning for the better for them Yippee!!!!
Wish I could tell you it is a beautiful Fall day here, but nope...dreary and overcast, looking like rain or even snow. Hope it's not snow, we still have leaves to rake LOL
I have started working on Christmas cards... I know early huh! I have some in a 4x8 size and thought about 4x6 .... good idea or not, let me know. They use either a business size or regular size envelope. Just leave a comment to let me know okay??
Take care all and thanks for stopping by, I am off to go grocery shopping...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumns beauty

Couldn't resist using my Granddaughter Keira Joy for the model in this qp. She is 8... going on 20 honest!!! She comes up with things that I can not believe my ears. So grown up!!
I used a new kit by Studio Manu called "Autumnshere" the link to her web site is on the right and I know you are getting tired of me saying it, but please if you haven't yet, sign up for her newsletter. She is a very talented designer who truly designs from the heart!!
Fall is here, yup, dreary days, no bright sun to shine thru the pretty trees, just rainy and yuck LOL. I do love Fall, but not like this.
I know I know, soon snow will be falling and oh that cold cold weather.......
So, thanks so much for stopping, please leave me a smile... it makes me know I am doing good. and it means alot.
Take care....

Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Thoughts

Fall yup it is here!!! Not really crisp outside, more like OMG it's cold!!! LOL But the sun is shining and it will be this way for the next week. Highs in the 50's which is nice and no snow ( I know they got some north of us, but not here, not yet :)
Talked to my Daughter this morning, she is making applesauce. It is so good!!!! The people next door have trees and she can get all the apples she needs from them.
I made the frame part of this using some stuff I had made a couple years ago. (Back when I had a free trial of CS3 I think! Would love to get into designing my own kits, but not yet, someday!
Hope you can use these two. Thanks for stopping by and hey... don't forget to take time to enjoy a wonderful Fall day..... They don't seem to last long!

Mediafire  (Frame)
Mediafire( wa)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Time remembered

Wow were we ever that young??? I have no grey hair LOL I think that photo was taken on Thanksgiving about 20 years ago! It seems like yesterday honest, where did the years go.
I used a beautiful design by Manu called "Cheerfulness" to make this and she has allowed me to share the quick page with you all. She is a talented and giving lady. The link is on the right, please stop by her site to say thank you and have a look around.
Okay, me I am going back to the couch for a bit... I seem to have come down with a end of summer start of fall cold (thanks Miss G)
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Simple Fall

Three letters....the shortest season here in the north....but....the one filled with OMG so much color and smells and fun!!! (plus a perk that is one of my favorites..NO BUGS) I don't spend alot of time sitting outside in the summer, I don't like the heat, but come fall, oh yes I am outside sitting on the deck with my sweatshirt on and a cup of coffee just loving it!!! (sorry summer lovers)
Hope you can find a use for this one. I used Autumn Breeze by Molemina. Stop by her blog and check out the whole kit!!.
Okay, off to feed dogs and start my day.... thanks for stopping and have a great day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bliss moments

This qp was made by a beautiful design by Manu called " Days Gone By " Her designs are always from the heart and soul! She offers a newsletter on her site, so click on her link off on the right and check it out!!
Sorry I haven't been in lately. We are getting the yard work done before Winter comes back for a visit!! Wood is all cut and stacked for the fireplace (we are still looking for a free standing wood burner to take the place of our "decoration only" fireplace!! You only feel the warmth if you are sitting right next to it, the blower unit broke!! So we keep looking for something to replace it.
Oh well I love sweatshirts and sweaters so all will be well!! LOL
Ok off to let dogs out and get some stuff done. Thanks for stopping and please take a peak at Manu's site.