Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beyond Dream

Something soft and simple.... that's what I thought when I saw this design by Kyra (RDH) I think I got it. I used a photo of my Granddaughter (on my other blog) and it seemed so right.
There is more to the kit, so please stop by RDH and check out all that is there.
Want to wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter too. Hubby and I are going to Maundy Thursday services tonight  and then the Grand kids are coming with us on Sunday...
Take care all, and thanks for stopping by

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mixed Emotions (Link fixed)

Okay .... another of those "easy blend into the background" qp's for you all. The kit I used is called "Don't be sad" by Kyra (RDH) This is my Grandmother. Just a short little thing, but filled with so much love of family and what a sense of humor!!! I used her in this sample because Easter is coming and that reminded me of a  dish she used to make with left over ham. It is called "Fleechkee" so easy and so good!!! Ham, egg noodles and sauerkraut...all mixed together (You have to like sauerkraut to like this dish LOL)
The wordart, well it's true I guess... we shed tears of sadness when we think of a loved one who is gone, because we miss them, but in with those tears are also memories of them that make us smile...Mixed emotions yup.
I have the wordart for you also in case you want to use it somewhere else. Hope you enjoy have a great weekend, it is raining here..but NO snow!!!!
Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Mediafire (QP)
Mediafire (WA)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

memories tucked safe

Don't know about all of you,but if your like me, your heart is overflowing with bits of memories.They fill every corner and there always seems to be room for more!! Bits and pieces of life ... moments to cherish for ever. I hope this qp helps you keep one of them safe. The kit I used is called " Locked in Time " by Kyra (RDH) I used just a small portion of this wonderful design, so please pay a visit (link is on the right) and see what else it contains. Make sure you leave a thank you for all this lady does and shares.
We finally have weather that resembles spring LOL it will be 53 today and OMG 60 on Wednesday!! No green grass yet, just lots of brown yuck mixed with not so white snow. But that's is getting here..slowly...but it is is coming!!
Take care, and thanks so much for stopping by...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Its spring somewhere

Not just in our yard "Yet " LOL but it is is 51 here today and all though overcast and still snow on the ground, it is feeling good!!
Kyra from RDH made this new kit called " Suddenly its spring" love the colors and the elements! The link is over on the right, please stop by her place and take a look around. She offers free designs on MWF. you wont be disappointed!
We have started getting busy here. Even with the snow on the ground my hubby is tapping our maple trees. We even have some sap boiling out there. Takes awhile and a lot of sap to make a quart of syrup...but so worth it.
Have to cut this short as real life is calling...take care and thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In the Silence

A beautiful design by Manu called "Silence" and a word art I had done a while back got together and the outcome was this qp for you all. I had made the word art in memory of my Sister Patti and had used it before but didn't offer this version. When I saw Manu's newest creation, I knew they went together. The designer has allowed me to use it and so I am offering it to you. Hope it finds a place in your heart like it has in mine. The page I did will be on my other blog later.
Thank you for dropping by...if you want the link for Studio Manu is on the right...please make time for a visit there. Also, she has a newsletter you can sign up for, which I recommend you doing.
Take care...

Mediafire  (QP)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

do you know

I have decided that if Spring is not coming to my house...then I will just make Spring looking qp's LOL
It will be 34* here today, which is nicer, but then 4 inches of snow later tonight....What's with that??
I am thinking Spring forgot to set it's alarm clock!!!! Oh well, life goes on and I am sure hot summer days will be here before I know it.
I used a kit by Kyra called " What means the most" it is an older design and I am so glad I found it. Hope your glad too!!
Thanks for stopping by....

Friday, March 14, 2014


Kyra made this beautiful kit which has a name I can not pronounce(LOL) but means "don't you forget the past"  I am not always real good at blending a photo into the I cheated!! No blending. There is a spot on this qp that I used an eraser shape and use that spot for the photo. For me this is easier than trying all the blending modes and getting totally confused. LOL
When using this qp, select your two photos and put them behind where you want them. Resize if you have to. I hope you follow that, I am not to great on tutorials LOL
The page below is my finished work.
This is my Grandson Zack who is now 15, the "Blended" photo is my all time favorite of him when he was about 2.
Hope this works for you and thanks again for stopping by. Your comments and emails mean alot to me.