Saturday, December 13, 2014

The best one

Have you found your tree yet?? We tried an artificial one a couple times and all though they are beautiful and perfect....we get a real one. Love the smell and yup even the sometimes odd stick that side in the corner shape. LOL This year so far I only have an empty space where the tree will go. With construction going on in the other room, well a tree is one of the last things we will get.
Hope you can use this page, whether for the one you go cut down or the one that is ready made...which ever you have it will be the best one.... Thanks for stopping by... I am off to unbury my dining room table....somehow everything is being dumped there. LOL

Friday, December 5, 2014

Present 2...

Looks like the elves have been back!!!!! OMG wonder what they left for you all this time??? Hope you are taking time to enjoy this most wonderful season of all.... Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Cards

Two more cards for you all. Like I said before, I used elements from designs by some awesome ladies who had given me permission before. I only take credit for putting it together, not the original kits (Oh to be that talented) So are you getting Christmas stuff done?....I have one yup one decoration up and it is in the bathroom!! LOL We are in the process of tearing out our fireplace to put in a freestanding wood stove so the rest of the house is, well lets just say no where near ready to decorate LOL (it is a remodeling mess actually) But this will pass and the heat from this stove should make it all worth it!!
Enjoy the cards. Thanks for stopping by

Mediafire  (one small word)
Mediafire  (Seasons Blessings)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Number 1...No peeking

As promised I have wrapped some early Christmas presents for you all. They won't show up everyday, so keep checking back. The "presents" were all made using various kits by designers who had given me permission to use the kits before. Hope you enjoy....

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I have for you early Christmas card senders (LOL) the first of some cards I made. I used some designs by Kyra from last year to put these together. If this is your first time using these the directions are easy...just treat this the same as you would a qp , add your photos , save as jpeg. I have a photo of what these look like when I am ready to print...

Pay close attention to the yellow areas...yes they should be done on glossy paper, they look much better. Any message you want to add can be written on the back of the card. They fit in a business size envelope. If you want you can get fancy and purchase the envelopes in a Christmas design you could,,,me I am all for saving money, especially this time of year.  I am working on more and will try to have them up in the morning for you.                                                                                                             
Thanks for stopping in and have an awesome blessed filled Thanksgiving....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Season of blessing and Graditude...

I think there is still time to offer a fall qp... right?? even tho we do have snow on the ground up here!!! We got about 4 inches and with the temps being oh so cold, I have a feeling it's not going anywhere till Spring (plus I am sure more will be added) I used a kit called "Harvest of Memories" by Digicats for this qp.
Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?? I don't do the meal, my daughter or my son usually does it. No dirty dishes and still lots of leftovers...what a deal!!!
So now a surprise of coming attractions.... Starting December 1st (if my computer cooperates) I will be posting presents. All wrapped up so there is no peeking till you open them. I did this once before and most of them are on 4 shared(which I don't use.) so might post some of them too.
I also have some Christmas cards that I will be posting. they are 4x8 and fit in a business envelope. Will give you more instructions when I post them. Will be a busy time here because along with stuff on the computer, we are going to be tearing out our (for decoration not heat) fireplace and putting in an Englander 2200 freestanding wood stove in our family room. Our home is one level but long and propane is so much, we are hoping this helps. As long as I can't decorate for Christmas till the mess is done in the house....I might as well wrap up some presents for all of you LOL
Okay done for today, have Susie home maker things to take care of...
Take care and thanks so much for stopping by...hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving filled with Love and Family

Friday, November 7, 2014

Road to adventure

My Grandson long ago. Feels like yesterday. He is now a Freshman in High School and getting ready for all sorts of adventures. Don't tell him, but he will always be this little bub to me.
I used an add-on by Manu called " Road to Success" a beautiful kit. Thank you Manu for allowing me to share this and Thank all of you for stopping by. The link to her site is over on the right.