Monday, April 13, 2015

Love Blossoms

A beautiful kit called " Sweet Blossom " designed by MiSi Scrap is what I used for this qp. I want to thank the designer for allowing me to use her beautiful creation and letting me share it with you all. Please stop by her web site (just click on her name) and thank her too. I am so grateful to the designers who let me use their kits. So much talent they have!!!
Hope your day is going good, and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lavendar Kisses

A new kit by Kyra (RDH) called "Solange" was what I used for this QP. Such beautiful designs this lady always comes up with. Please stop by (link on the right) and leave her a thank you for all she does.
Is your family ready for Easter? We have Maundy Thursday supper at our church then Easter (early) service on Sunday. A time of unfathomable Love. I feel truly Blessed to have been loved this much.
We are starting a new tradition this year....Have any of you ever heard of "Resurrection Rolls" they are a wonderful way to tell the Easter story. Look it up on the internet!
Have a wonderful Easter,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Perfect time

Manu does such beautiful, from the heart designs!! This kit is one of them. It is called " A perfect moment" If you subscribe to her newsletter, you will be able to get some wonderful add-ons to some of her kits. She offers both mini kits and qp's in her newsletters. The link is over on the right.
Remember my last post talked about green(brown) grass?? well not it is a white winter wonderland again. Which would be beautiful were not March 25th!!!! I know it won't last to long (the temps will go up) but why??? I was getting used to muddy dog prints on my kitchen floor LOL!!
We have had our wood stove burning off and on. The other day I had a fire in it and hubby came in and checked the wall thermostat ..... it said it was 78 in the house....OMG had no idea. That stove really has helped so much. We have not had our furnace run once since we put this thing in. Sure has saved on the propane bill.
Today, as long as the roads are slippery, I will try and catch up on things around here. Dusting, laundry and just generally being Susi Homemaker for the day....have to do that once in a while :)
Take care all and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is coming

It is right???? We finally have more green (brown) grass in our yard than white snow!! But here in Wisconsin that is never a given that Spring is here. We have already had snowstorms, big ones in April or even the first part of May. But I will look on the positive side and enjoy what we are having now!
I used a design by Kyra called " Where is Spring Hiding" check out her site, the link is on the right.
Sorry it has been a bit since I have been in here. No excuses except just been busy with life in general.
Take care and Thank you all so much for your visits and your words.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Moment

Admit it... we all have boxes of photos somewhere in a closet right. You know from before digital and you could save them to the computer or your cell phone. Moments in time. If you look at an old photo, you might see that it is fading, looking alittle rough and wrinkled....that's okay, because the memory of that moment will be forever new in your heart. I don't need a photo to remind me of the first moment I saw my Grandchild. I just have to look at him and I am right back there in that memory. Shoe boxes overflow, no more room..... but our hearts.... nope they just keep growing to hold more and more.....That my friends is a good thing!!!!
Hope you enjoy this qp and you find that perfect memory for it...Thanks for stopping by and please don't forget to stop by RDH (Kyra) there is more to this design called "Time is Precious"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

what if.....

Happy Valentines Day to you all. This day doesn't matter if your Love is just starting out, been around awhile or has left your heart filled with beautiful memories. Love is the same no matter what.
Both qp's were made from a beautiful kit by Kyra(RDH) called "Curious" The colors are so pretty!!
My thanks to this generous lady for all she does!
The first qp is of me and hubby. We met on a blind date for someone else. Was supposed to be my sister and a friend of mine. He bought Dennis along for support. Things didn't work out for my sister and my friend but hubby and I went for pizza and the rest is history. Made me think tho, what if I had said no to the pizza and just gone home.......
The second qp is my sister Bonnie and her hubby Rich. They were co-workers who had been interested in each other but it was not until my sister made herself into a cream puff(it was to win a contest at the state fair) that they started dating...a true love story those two.
So anyway, today no matter if you are enjoying a new love, comfortable in an old one or remembering memories in your heart....I wish you Happy Valentines Day....

mediafire (what if)
mediafire (beginning)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I had this one ready for a couple days now, but have been fighting a head cold.... you know the kind, runny nose watery eyes!! Nothing in my chest, just my nose!!! LOL Anyway, trying to type while your eyes and nose are dripping like you need a plumber is not fun!! But enuf of that good is the latest qp for you all. Kyra (RDH) made this beautiful design called "Sentimental Journey" and this is the qp I came up with. There is so much more to the kit so click on the link over on the right and take a look at all this generous lady offers.
Well I am off to take some meds and rest for a bit.. thanks to all who stop by and leave me comments and love.
Take care, have a great day!!